Think about it...

Someone can be debt-free, knowing their bills are covered with money in the bank and clients lining up, yet still feel like they're struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, and waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Someone else can be nearly bankrupt with next to nothing in the bank and feel on top of the world when they find $20 in their pocket.


Hi. I'm Jessica.

Women come to me when their money confidence could use a boost and they're looking to reach that next level. You know, the level beyond the limiting beliefs and money blocks...

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Find out your Sacred Money Archetype®

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Looking for Practical Money Help?

The MMM Experience

My signature, 3x/year better-than-a-budget group program to help you learn to spend better, not less. This program is geared towards personal finance because if you don't have your household in order, your business can suffer.

Looking for Money + Mindset Support?

Private Coaching

Click the link to book a free consultation and let's talk about what you need most. Private coaching packages are where we can work on your limiting beliefs and money blocks, and it's the fastest way to see results in your life and business.

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