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If you’re in charge of the household budget or money management and you’re ready to get off the never-enough-money hamster wheel without sacrificing everything you enjoy to save money, then my FREE Find More Money Challenge could be exactly what you need.

Over three days, I’m going to walk you through the exact first steps I take with my private clients to help them stop overspending, keep more of their hard-earned money, and finally feel in control of their finances.

This Challenge is for you if...

  • You're making too much money to never have any left over the day before the next payday.
  • You're tired of walking the (teeny tiny) fine line between “We’ll probably make it to the next paycheck” and “One unexpected bill will do us in.”
  • You want some breathing room in your budget. No more throwing all your money at fires just for another one to take its place.
  • You wonder WHY you haven’t figured out a system that works yet. You know what you SHOULD be doing, but it’s not working. So what gives?

If that feels a little too close to home,

join me for this free challenge where you’ll...

💵 Learn the #1 practice that helps my clients find and keep MORE of their money (it's totally counterintuitive and pretty darn addictive once you get going).

💰 Get my hack for finding money you had no idea was missing (some folks have used this ONE exercise to find upwards of $500!).

🤑 Learn the best tricks to KEEPING more of your money so you always have some when you need it (no matter what kind of budget or income you have).

Wondering who I am and how I know enough to teach you about this? Glad you asked!

I’m Jessica, and I help women just like you learn to spend better.

Despite being a saver by nature, I still found myself stressed about money and overwhelmed by debt as an adult. My husband was working two jobs and we still couldn’t figure out how to make the money last from paycheck to paycheck. We’d get a big windfall of money, and, in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

I couldn’t figure out HOW this was happening. I should have been able to manage a budget with money left over.

We tried Dave Ramsey and several other budgeting options but we always found them too strict or impossible to stick to.

So, I made my own system after combining bits and pieces from other gurus. It’s not traditional budgeting and it works. For the last three+ years, I’ve helped women in my private coaching practice and group programs not only manage their money better but also reach money milestones like raising credit scores, paying off debt, building savings, taking vacations, buying homes - and more.

They now feel more confident with their money, they can see exactly what they need to do with their money, and they feel more secure in their finances.

And I am so excited to show you the exact first steps I take them through in this challenge!

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