Who is Jessica Kleine?

Jessica is a money mindset and empowerment coach who believes in the potential of women entrepreneurs, breaking through limiting beliefs, and transforming lives by changing how women see their money. As a fellow entrepreneur who's been through the ups and downs of that life for over two decades, she’s here to be your guide and biggest supporter.

Meet the Coach

Behind the Scenes

Jessica uses tools covering both strategy and mindset, keeping it real but lighthearted and filled with positive energy. She doesn’t speak finance - she’s all about human conversations with a hint of humor to make money mastery not only achievable but *gasp* enjoyable!

Jessica knows each client has a unique combination of strengths and challenges, experiences and desires. She uses her MindSET framework along with her skills in Sacred Money ArchetypesⓇ coaching to create a personalized experience for each private client.

Why the Passion for Helping Women Entrepreneurs?

There are too many incredible women entrepreneurs running businesses like the badasses they are, but secretly struggling with limiting beliefs and money blocks holding them back from their full potential. She knows you are meant for more. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning your dream, she’s here to guide you through the twists and turns of money mindset issues to help you create the life you know you’re meant to live.

Jessica's Mission

It’s not just about achieving financial stability; she’s here to help you realize a deeper sense of personal fulfillment and abundance. With Jessica, women transform money challenges into opportunities for growth. She helps you conquer those sleepless nights of money worry, the fear of not reaching your dreams, and the frustration of those sneaky money blocks holding you back.

Why Trust Jessica?

She gets it. Jessica’s been navigating the entrepreneurial roller coaster, wrestling with the numbers, and turning her dreams into reality for years. Her programs aren't just about money; they're about uncovering your confidence and empowering you to make moves toward your goals and dreams.

With a degree in psychology, a background in legal research, decades of personal development studies, and a knack for numbers, Jessica has the knowledge and wisdom to help you understand YOU, better.

Abundance is a Feeling,

Not a Number

While money is important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Jessica models an abundance mindset to her homeschooled teen daughters. She guides them to think for themselves and learn what’s truly important in life - bringing that same level of awareness to her clients.

When she’s not working on her business or her family life, she’s likely practicing for an upcoming archery competition with her husband, watching Harry Potter, or reading a fantasy fiction novel.

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