Mindful Money Mapping

Unlike other budgeting programs that focus on spending less,

what if you could learn to spend better?


The MMM Experience

The MMM system is the exact process I've taken private clients through to get a handle on their money. If you've ever felt like you're living paycheck-to-paycheck but know you make too much money to be doing so, this course is for you. It's better than a budget - it's a map toward your goals.

What's included...

MMM Core Content Modules

  • Welcome Module - What to Expect
  • Module One - Awareness is Key
  • Module Two - Your MMM Template
  • Module Three - Putting It All Together
  • Module Four - Intro to Savings Buckets
  • Plus all templates, worksheets, and planners included

Bonus Module

  • Bonus: Gratitude - The Most Important Thing

Hi, I'm Jessica.

I help people just like you learn to spend better.

From the time I was a kid, I’ve always been pretty good at managing money. I’m a saver by nature and always loved keeping track of where money was going and where it needed to be.

I’ve been budgeting in one form or another since I started making money as a teen, and over the years, I’ve taken what I’ve always done and combined it with what I’ve learned along the way from others.

Budgeting may not be sexy, but having an intimate knowledge of your money is, and it’s the first step in being able to live the life you know you could - and should - be living.

My goal is to get more money into the hands of more women, and getting comfortable with your money is one of the first steps.


... making spending decisions based on where you'll be in the future instead of depending on what the bank account says today.


... reducing your spending without even realizing it because you have a new way to see your money and know exactly where you want it to go.


... finding extra money week after week and seeing your bank account numbers grow over time instead of always hovering around your minimum.

Is this course for you?

The MMM Experience Course is for people who are looking to get a better handle on their money without giving up the fun in their lives. It's perfect for you if you're looking for something better than what you've already been doing to manage your money, especially if you feel like you're living paycheck-to-paycheck and you know you shouldn't be.

In this course, you'll learn the exact same system I use to manage my money and the one I've taught my private clients for years. You'll create your own, personalized Mindful Money Map to help you see your money in a whole new way, without cutting the Starbucks or living on beans and rice.


How much does this course cost?

The MMM Course is a one-time payment of $197

How much time is required?

The Modules will be released one week at a time. Each Module is broken up into bite-sized pieces, but expect to spend some time on them - you are setting up and learning a new system, after all. But, since you have it for life, you can take it at whatever pace feels best for you.

I've tried budgeting before and it just didn't work. Will this work for me?

The way I teach MMM is probably different than anything you've seen before. I created a system by combining what I always did myself with other things I've learned from gurus along the way. What I can tell you is, if you stick to it and give it time, it WILL work for you.

I get paid inconsistently (either in time or in amount). Will this system work for me?

MMM is built on payperiods, not months. While it can work more easily for those who have a steady, consistent income, it has also helped those who do not. It just requires a few tweaks - and I talk about those tweaks in the course.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

Unfortunately, the standalone MMM course does not include any additional support. If you'd like more information about the full MMM Experience - which does include additional support - you can view it HERE.

Is everything available immediately?

Nope. The modules will be released once per week. I want to be sure you have the foundation of the prior modules before jumping in (in other words, I want to be sure you have time to do the work) and I don't want you to get overwhelmed.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

The course modules are located on a membership platform. You will receive a username and password via email after purchasing. Access to Google Sheets is a must - that's the format for all templates.

Have other people used this system with success?

The system I teach in this program is the exact same system I have taught my private clients, and my private clients have had tremendous success with it. The prior participants of the Live MMM Experience have also had success - you can see some of the experiences below!

Is there a guarantee?

I can't guarantee your results because it's up to you to complete the course, but I can guarantee that if you trust the process and do the work, you will see results. That being said, if you complete all the modules and homework and still do not understand the process, I will jump on a 1:1 Zoom with you to troubleshoot. Just send an email to

What Alumni have to say about MMM...

"My mindset has changed, and I feel more confident about one day being able to 'make it' financially."

"We weren't looking at our numbers before, and it added a lot of anxiety to our lives. Now, we're able to look at the numbers and figure out what to do with them - they're not as scary."

"I feel like I can keep up with this more so than other times I've tried to 'stick to a budget'!"

"I feel more secure in knowing how much money I'm actually going to have, rather than just checking my bank balance and hoping for the best."

"I LOVE LOVE the spreadsheet with the formula to predict where my money will be."

"I've managed to save and cut down my debt all while still being able to enjoy my Starbucks once a week and do things."

Here's the truth...

Budgeting gets a bad rap because it's an outdated concept.

But money management is the first step in feeling better about your money, and it's necessary to build a solid foundation for abundance in your life.

It feels good to get yourself out of survival mode and into a place of calm and clarity around your money. And once you feel better about your money, you start to do better with your money.

(And finding more of it each month is a pretty fabulous perk!)

Let me show you how.

Are you ready?

Got questions? Email me at

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